Clint Miller - Letters


Here are some letters I have received and want to share with you.-Clint-

February 27, 2001

The music of Clint Miller has been a welcome contribution to Bluegrass Express at KCSN.  when folks talk about "heartfelt", they are describing Clint's sound.  In a day when it's become difficult to find good, honest music, Clint has come along with straight-forward, pure bluegrass gospel music that stirs the soul and warms the heart.  And this isn't just gospel music for performance' sake.  One does not have to listen long to realize that Clint Miller believes every word he sings.

If your response to Clint's music is anything like those who call in and ask me to "play some more", then you'll be thrilled to have his kind of inspiring music in your home.  He apparently attended that "old school" where it was taught that music is its most beautiful when it's kept simple and pure.  I am happy to consider Clint a friend and his music among the finest.

Marvin O'Dell
KCSN 88.5

February 07, 2000 

Clint ... Hey, I listened to your album on the way home from NRB. Wow! What a great album it is!! From start to finish, it's one of the best bluegrass albums I've ever heard. I'll play a lot from it on my show, you can be sure of that. Wayne Rice and Clint Miller I hope you will send review copies to Bluegrass Unlimited magazine and Bluegrass Now magazine. If you don't have their addresses, let me know. In fact, Bluegrass Now runs a bluegrass gospel music "chart" (top 30) and certainly your album should eventually show up on that. I would recommend that you get Julie Koehler, who writes for BN, to do an article on you for that magazine. Do you know her? If not, I'll put a bug in her ear. She lives in San Diego.

Anyway, congratulations on a great album. It's powerful stuff. It was good to see you at NRB. I hope that you had a good time there and that you made some good contacts.

I've attached a copy of the photo from NRB. You're a handsome dude!


Wayne Rice

Here is a fax from the great Johnny Cash 

To:        Clint Miller

From:    Johnny Cash

Date:     January 27, 2000 


Clint Miller's ministry has touched my life in a positive way.  I have enrolled in the North County Baptist Church's Bible Study Program.  I need this daily appointment to study the Bible properly.

Clint Miller's tapes have enriched my life.  His ministry, in Word and Song are important to me.

Johnny Cash

Your Music is blessing millions!

April 17, 2000

To Clint Miller Music

Hello Clint,

Just a note to say WELCOME and we are PROUD to have you on board Glory Train Records. Also, a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to all who are involved with the production of your music. It is QUALITY all the way. Radio stations in the  USA & Overseas are gladly receiving and playing your songs daily. We at Glory  Train Records have never seen the OLD CLASSICS so well received. Your music  is Blessing MILLIONS of listeners of Southern Gospel, Christian Country, Bluegrass and Mainstream Country radio. It is mixed in rotation for play
with the STARS of today and yesteryear. GO GOD. We look forward to having a long and lasting relationship with our friend Clint Miller. Clint Miller and Glory Train Records; a powerful combination to spread God's Word thru song (the universal language) Around the World. May God continue to Bless you and yours in your dedicated efforts to serve HIM.

 Robert Shields, Executive Producer

 Glory Train Records guys have a winner on your hands!

March 24, 2000

Dear Mr. Miller,

You have two outstanding songs on "Primecuts of Bluegrass" Vol. 44, cuts 5 and 14. If the entire CD is anything like these two cuts you have a winner  on your hands. 

"Come Unto Me" is a great song but "Church In The Wildwood" would be my pick. Rest assured that both the songs will be played on both my shows, Gospel Song Time and Great Country and Bluegrass.

I sure would like to have a copy of " I'd rather have Jesus" if you have any promotional copies available.

You and the McCourys and the Whites make a confirmation that will be hard to match and even more difficult to beat. If you send a CD please send information on how people can buy it.

Thanks and God Bless,

Bob Newton
Radio WHDM

March 13, 2000

Dear Clint,

This is just to thank  you for you CD you sent me for my radio station BGR (BlueGrassRadio) in Estonia. 

As you know I liked the sample cuts on Prime Cuts compilation but just listening to the full CD was really a fantastic surprise for me! In fact I can't say which one of is the best because all of them are the best!!! And both the songwriting and the performance are great ever. You have a perfect style of your own and is very unique as I can't name any other recording in same VERY WARM, soft and melody rich-music style. The McCoury Band is also a very good addition but you beat them on your own solid lead on every song. Yes the result is one of the sweetest and precise produced bluegrass/gospel music projects in a long time.

Thanks so much,

BGR (BlueGrassRadio)

"Your songs were touching and beautiful..."

June 18,1999

Dear Clint,

I enjoyed the dinner and our visit while you were in Nashville. Now I want to thank you for the CD you sent with the McCoury Band. I like it very much. Your songs were touching and beautiful as well!

Thanks again.

God Bless,


July 22, 1999

Dear Bro. Miller,

Thanks a million for remembering us! Your new CD is the next best thing to Johnny Cash singing "I Walk the Line." I love it! And I love you!

Friends forever,

Jack Schaap

"The music is great, the songs are very unique!"

June 3, 1999

Dear Pastor Clint,

Thanks again for the CD. I listened to it on the way home. Sounds like like you had a lot of fun recording that project. The music is great and the songs are very unique. I haven’t heard Scripture songs set to a bluegrass/country style before. And I like your voice. You remind me of a little singe I met years ago named Walt Mills. Do you know him? All the best, Wayne Rice.

"...just in time for the Christmas season"

November 19, 1999

Dear Clint,

I became aware of your work through Volume 42 of Prime Cuts of Bluegrass, and I would like to know how to get a copy of the full project for radio airplay.

I’ve been producing and hosting a weekly 60-minute program of bluegrass music for nearly 16 years. The program features recordings of bluegrass music and commentary on the music and the folks who make it.

"Angels on High’" is just in time for the Christmas season…and that’s good! Your back up band is "all right", too!


Gerald E. Pike

Volunteer Producer/Host
CKCW’s "Sounds of Bluegrass"
Moncton, New Brunswick, CANADA

"Angels on High... is fantastic!"

Dominique Lemarechal
6 Rue Per Jakez Helias
29860 Plabennec, France

19 November 99

Dear Sir,

I would be very grateful to you if you could send me information on the artists:

Clint Miller I am very interested.

The song "Angels on High" with the Del McCoury Band on PrimeCuts of Bluegrass Vol. 42 is fantastic, I hope to hear the album.

My program shows I host on the radio RCF Rivages are based on the country and bluegrass music especially if the artists are unknown, so I could present the artists and the records.

Thanks, Looking forward to hearing from you, I remain

Sincerely yours

Dominique Lemarechal

"I listen to him all the time."

Pastor Clint Miller
North County Baptist Church
221 W. 7th Ave.

Dear Clint,

It was nice to talk with you by phone yesterday. At our evening meal I mentioned to our family that I had talked with you. Our daughter, who was visiting with us, "lit up" and remarked, "Oh, I’ve been listing to him sing the psalms on my cassette player in the Car." She continued, "his music is so relaxing to me after teaching high school English all day, I listen to him all the time."

A couple of years ago I taught a series of Sunday School lessons to my large auditorium bible class from the psalms. I had the sound man play your songs from Psalms 10 minutes before the lesson. Our people loved it.

Knowing that you live what you sing makes them very special to me too. When I’m reading through the Psalms and come upon one of the passages that you have recorded, it means so much more to me and I think of you, your family, and your ministry. Thank you for making them more meaningful for me.

You, your family and your ministry are very special to Jan and me. God bless you.

Sincerely Yours,

Tom Wallace

"It is the Christmas Song of the Decade!"

Clint Miller
221 W 7th Ave.
Escondido, Ca. 92025

Dear Clint,

Your song ANGELS ON HIGH included on Prime Cuts of Bluegrass Vol. 42 is driving my true Bluegrass Gospel fans crazy I believe. Since I started playing it for the first time a couple of days ago the phone keeps ringing and the fax is doing overtime, just because they request more of the heavenly music. I programmed the song for the rest of the year up to January 6th 2000 on a daily bases. For me it is the Christmas song of the decade...marvelous!

I run my Bluegrass Express on a daily bases on Grensland Int. here in the Netherlands, and beside that I operate my own syndicated worldwide shows which are aired in f.i. Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Costa Rica, Texas, Oklahoma, Canada, etc.

On behalf of my many worldwide listeners I would be very grateful if you would be so kind and send me a radio copy of Wings of a White Dove for more airplay. By the way with my Bluegrass Express Show I’ve won the European Country Music Association’s DJ of the Year Award (see Bluegrass International Vol. 14 Nov/Dec 1999 under Radio Boogie).

Looking forward to hear from you one day soon, I wish you all the best in the music industry.

Kindest regards,  Bluegrass…Pick it up!


June 10, 1999

Clint Miller
221 W. 7th Ave.
Escondido, California 92025

Dear Brother Miller:

I received your CD, "Wings of a White Dove", yesterday and already heard it twice. Not only was your singing good, but your band did an excellent job. I am sending a check in appreciation of the CD.

Several times you have asked me to come and speak for you. If it works in your schedule, I could come this fall and speak at your church.


Your Brother in Christ

Russell Anderson