The Clint Miller Story

Clint MillerClint Miller was born in Wessington Springs, South Dakota in 1949. He was the youngest of eight children born into a Christian family with strong rural American values. Clint's dad, George Miller was a hard workingman who lost his left arm in a farming accident when he was twenty-one years old. George had only one child at that time. Determined to provide for his family, George Miller left the hospital and returned to work in the fields just eleven days after his accident. The perseverance that Clint saw in his father to overcome adversity impacted his life. Clint's mom and dad went on to have seven more children with Clint being the last, and the rest is history. When Clint was seven years old, the Miller family left South Dakota and moved to Los Angeles, California. It wasn't long before Clint's dad had saved enough money to open a family business in Santa Monica, California. The entire Miller family worked in their service station garage. There were no employees outside of family members. God greatly blessed the business and the Miller chain expanded into several other successful locations.

During Clint's teen years, he developed a love for music. His ninth year of school he entered Hollywood Professional School full time and graduated with honors. Clint received the President's Award as well as the Gold Key Award. After completing high school, Clint became an honor student at the highly prestigious Don Martin School of Radio and Television, after which he signed with VMC Records and the Charles Stern Advertising Agency. Clint recorded and released his own material on VMC Records with Eddie Hodges producing and performed on various commercials for Charles Stern. It was at this time that Clint rubbed shoulders with stars such as Charlton Heston, Glen Ford, Kenny Rogers, Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash. Clint starred and toured in the hit musical comedy Hoop & Holler and Oklahoma. Clint was a hit and his picture was soon to receive worldwide notoriety. The photo on the left was taken at the world famous Coconut Grove in Los Angeles while Clint was appearing there. From left to right is Clint, Earl Bellamy and George & Doris Miller. While working at Metromedia Television for Ralph Edward's Truth or Consequences TV show with Bob Barker, Clint met a girl named Candy Morrow. After meeting Candy Morrow, Clint moved to Garden Grove.

Sonny and Cher - Clint Miller

Clint and Candy married in 1970 in the city of Garden Grove. In September of 1973 Clint & Candy's first son was born. They named him Cheyenne after the hit TV series from the 50's. Seven years later their second son Cody was born and according to Clint & Candy they were the two handsomest boys ever to be born. All through the years, Clint continued to write, sing and perform and maintain his strong Hollywood-Nashville connection. Due to his family background, Clint developed a love for business. He returned to his roots in 1974 by establishing a multi-million dollar company called Miller's Carpet Care. It began in his garage on April 15, 1974. By 1979 the company was doing over seven million dollars in annual sales. At the same time, while developing Miller's Carpet Care, Clint started a manufacturing company called Serva Steam and an advertising company called Greenway. All three companies were simultaneously successful.

In October 1984 something big happened in Clint Miller's life. He received Jesus Christ as his Savior. After returning home to California from Nashville, Clint's oldest son Cheyenne, who was 11 at the time, invited him to a new little church that had just started. Reluctantly Clint agreed to go. That was in July of 1984. The first week of October, Clint received Jesus Christ as his Savior. It was not long before he was pursuing Jesus with the same incredible enthusiasm that he had pursued everything else in his life. He devoured his studies and involved himself in numerous ministries. Clint was called to preach at Pastor's School in Hammond, Indiana the next year. Combining his background experience from business, marketing and music, Clint, his wife Candy and their two sons, Cheyenne and Cody, came to North San Diego County in December of 1990 and began North County Baptist Church. God has richly blessed their first 22+ years.

In 1990 Clint started a record company called Miller Music. Over the years Clint has been spent a lot of time in the studio with stars like Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Tompall Glaser, Freddie Hart, Jack Clement, Del McCoury, Ronnie McCoury, Bob McCoury, Jayson Carter, Mike Bub, John Carter Cash, Jimmie Tittle, Jeff White, Jamie Hartford, Sharon and Cheryl White and the Jordanaires. With 20 power packed CD's to his credit and 100 chart busting singles, Clint's music is currently being played by thousands of DJ's and radio stations all over the world! Some of the prestigious awards Clint has recently received include: Christian Country Music LIVING LEGEND Award 2005 Gospel Music Hall of Fame Country Christian Artist of the Year European Market 2000 Country Christian Artist of the Year 2001 Overseas Artist of the Year 2001 Christmas Album of the Year 2001 European Country Music
The Miller Children

 Association Gospel Artist of the Year 2001 Independent Country Music Association Germany Gospel Song of the Year 2001 ICMAG Gospel Song of the Year ICMAG Artist of the 20th Century Doctorate of Divinity Degree from Hyles-Anderson College All of that recognition doesn't, however, mean that Clint is ready to rest. With John Carter Cash as Clint's current producer, he is scheduled to be back in the studio again soon. Clint recently produced two new songs by Freddie Hart. One is the rewrite of Freddie's classic Easy Lovin' with the new title being God Is Easy Lovin'. Clint has also just completed Tompall Glasser's first Gospel Album.

Clint Miller and the Jordanaires is being released this summer worldwide. Twenty-three songs, a complete collection of Clint's recording with the worlds most famous Quartet. The Jordanaires were Elvis' back up group and it hasbeen a dream come true for Clint to work with the Jordanaires.

Miller Family

 Yes, it has been over 22 miracle years since Clint and Candy Miller and their sons Cheyenne & Cody started North County Baptist Church in Escondido. The church is doing great and has averaged two hundred Baptisms each year.  The church moved to a beautiful new 4.3-acre campus located at 842 Nordahl Road in San Marcos, just across the street from Wal-Mart and Costco. The North County Baptist Church (NCBC) is now officially an independent non-denominational church!

The church is filled with beautiful palm trees and rivers of running water. The dictionary's definition of a beautiful oasis-like setting is: A place of refuge, and that is exactly what the church is all about. Being raised in a large family that experienced some troubled times; Pastor Miller has a heart for poor people. The NCBC  runs buses every Sunday picking up urban city kids and parents, and sends hundreds of children to Youth Camp every summer without a charge to these urban city families. Clint Miller is a full time Pastor and recording artist with 100 chart singles and 20 albums. Clint was recently quoted as saying, "there is no rest for the wicked and the righteous do not need it", and then he laughed.

Visit Clint and his family at or Currently, Clint is living in Escondido, California, writing and producing his own songs as well as hits for many other artists. Clint's most often repeated comment is, "I owe it all to God and DJ's."